Monday, June 9, 2014


This summer so far, I've been watching the TV show, Friends. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but if you haven't... it's a show about 6 best friends living in New York City and their lives. Now, I should throw a disclaimer in here that while this show is absolutely hysterical and I've really loved getting into the characters and story line, I do not agree with everything the show portrays. Just putting that out there. Anyway... 

A couple things have really struck me since I started watching the show. The first is how much I long for friendships like the ones portrayed on this sitcom. The 6 friends always have each others backs. They would do anything for each other, literally. They spend basically all their time together but rarely get sick of each other, and if they do they fix it. That's something that drives me crazy about today's relationships... if it's broken, we just throw it away instead of fix it. Now, I know it's a TV show and it's not totally realistic for life to be the same as what I've been seeing on my screen... I'm not getting totally lost in a separate universe here, but I do long for a group of friends who simply share life together the way that Joey, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe do. I do have some core close friends too, I'm not a total loner. haha

Something else I've really picked up from the show is the lack of technology. The show was made in the 90's and early 2000's before cell phones and laptops were a huge thing. They have a landline in their apartment that they have to pay for every phone call. Chandler got a laptop in one episode but it's a total dinosaur. When they want something from each other... they meet up. When they want to hang out, they just do. When something happens and needs to be fixed, they talk about it in person instead of over Facebook or texting. They show their real emotions instead of using animated little faces that an iPhone provides you with. Now, don't get me wrong here... I am sometimes TERRIBLE at this. I have a miserable habit of always being on electronics... we all do. I want to encourage you today though to put away your electronics and have a real personable conversation with someone. If you have something you need to make right with someone, CALL them and ask them to meet you at Starbucks and talk about it face to face. We need to get back to having real life connections with people, rather than electronic ones. 

Anyway, these are just a couple of the little things about life that I've picked up from watching Friends

Hope you are all having a beautiful day! 

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