Friday, June 20, 2014

Fancy Fridays: Summer Dresses

Fancy Fridays is coming to you kind of late today! I had a history exam to take and some other things to take care of so I'm finally able to sit down and blog! 

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer! I'm so excited for a beautiful day and for a beautiful couple months! This issue of Fancy Fridays is featuring some cute short dresses for summer! 

I LOVE this color combination. So cute for summer. 
Source: CiChic
Loving this super simple dress!
Source: 6KS
Classic White. Perfect to contrast your summer glow! :)
Source: UsTrendy

I'm obsessed with this color right now. Mint is so in and looks gorgeous on anyone!
Source: Pinterest (Blocked Link)
How could I not put a coral dress in here? My favorite color!
Source: The Mint Julep Boutique

Hope you've enjoyed this issue of Fancy Fridays! Have a great first day of summer! 

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