Friday, June 6, 2014

Fancy Fridays: Navy Edition

Hello Friends! 

I was going to get dressed up myself for today's edition of Fancy Fridays but I ended up mowing my Nana's lawn and returning some of my family's soda cans today so needless to say, I ended up not feeling so fancy. 

Instead I hope you enjoy this Navy edition. I love wearing the color navy... maybe it's just because of the fact that it's a good contrast with my blonde hair... but I always feel so elegant when I wear this color. Here's some favorites that I'm dying to find from pinterest :)

Simple, beautiful.
Source: Anthropologie

I love this combination for summertime!
Source: Polyvore

How gorgeous is this elegant navy dress with the textured neckline?
Source: Dresses Planet

Some Navy evening wear :)
Source: Polyvore

Lastly, this gorgeous dress with a sheer top. LOVE!
Source: Modcloth

I hope you've enjoyed this second edition of Fancy Fridays!

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