Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Day

Today has been lovely! My cousins from Connecticut came up to spend the afternoon with us and we enjoyed some sun and pool time! I love my cousins a whole lot and we have so much fun when we all get together! Take a look at a bit of what we've been up to today: 

this is Nicholas. he is 6 and he is adorable.
this is my cousin Matthew. we are only 9 months apart in age and he has been
more like a brother than a cousin our whole lives.
my Nana just wanted a picture of us and I got a nice wet hug instead
my Nana rocking the selfie game. haha 
Nana and her 6 grandbabies. I love this picture.
Clockwise: Matthew (21), Me (21... I'm older :P), Amber (17), Nana (Young & Beautiful),
Katiya (10), Nicholas (6), and Sarah (20). 
Matthew and Nicholas having some high-flying fun in the pool.
seriously, how cute is this kid?
Katiya, Matthew, and Nicholas loving the pool on a hot day. The rest of us
watched from the deck with some coffee. :) 

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