Monday, August 4, 2014

August Health Goals

Normally, I don't like to share anything about weight loss or heath or things of that sort, because well... I'm not always the happiest with how I look or the fact that I rarely stick to these things. However, I'm 21 years old and I do not want to be unhealthy my whole life. July was difficult, I was at camp for two weeks eating that food... and I spent last week in Columbus eating out for every meal... which is horrible for my body and for my wallet. So, here I am posting these goals online... starting today, because it's Monday and I seem to do best when I start at the beginning of the week. I feel like posting them online will sort of hold me accountable. So here are some things I am going to do differently this month:

1. Drink Water

I will admit, I love soda even though it is terribly unhealthy. Well, I'm cutting it out.
No more soda for me. Water is all I'll be drinking this month, other than my morning
coffee... of course :) 

2. Eat Cleaner

More fruits and veggies, less oatmeal creme pies. (goodness this is embarrassing)
Also going to be cooking meals with less fat. Maybe it will help my whole family. 
Also, no eating out. 

3. Exercise

This should be simple, but it's not. I'm going to try and workout 4 days a week to start.
Eventually move up to 5 or 6 days. Also, I need to try to understand that I'm not going
to be able to do everything I want right away... I have to build up to goals.

4. Much less Dunkin and Starbucks

This will be difficult. Now that my favorite Dunkin is re-opened, it's almost a natural response
to stop and get a coffee when I leave the house.

5. Go to Bed Earlier/Wake Up Earlier

I'm heading back to school in just three short weeks and two days of the week, 
I will have a morning class. 
If I am sleep deprived, my skips will be used up too quickly. Can't 
afford for that to happen. I need to start this habit now.
 Bed at 11... awake by 8.

Well that's all I can think of for now! However I think five goals is pretty good. If you read this, feel free to ask me how it's going! Also, if you have any advice/tips, please share! I need people to help me out with this! God Bless! 


  1. Kaycie, these are so good. I'm at Valley Forge, too, and have also been making some changes in my health as far as eating habits and exercise go. My friend Kelly and I have been taking a lot of walks and I've been using a big cup with a straw and lid that I refill throughout the day. That helps me A LOT, having a big water bottle to reuse and track how much water I'm drinking. Anyways, what I wanted to say is that if you ever want to exercise together (I pretty much just walk) I would really love to have you join me! Thanks for sharing your goals, Kaycie! They really inspired me today. I know you will accomplish more than you even think you can. :)

  2. Drinking water is hand down the biggest thing that affects my health. I have a tendency to think I'm hungrier than I really am.

    I try to force myself to drink 16 oz. before a meal. It's amazing how it helps me gauge how hungry I really am, and avoid overeating!

  3. I love this! I found you through the Peony Project. I have blogged a lot about goals recently. Here is the link to one of my post on goals: