Saturday, August 2, 2014


This last week was spent in Columbus, Ohio for National Fine Arts. I went as a leader with my youth group and to gain experience since it was my first time going to Nationals. I had one of the most amazing weeks ever. First off, Columbus is BEAUTIFUL! I really was not expecting much since it's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but I was so impressed! What a cute, friendly little city. Second, seeing thousands of teenagers and young adults use their gifts for Christ is a pretty surreal and amazing thing. So many wonderful things happened this week, and sometime I will do a more elaborate post on it, but I am completely wiped out. Here are some pictures from the week for you to enjoy! 

the start of our road trip!
our view heading into Columbus.
some of my SNEMN friends. i love these people.
some of the free things I collected this week.
second night of service. so powerful.
we got the chance to meet Dr. George Wood at our hotel!
my share-bear and I after she rocked her female vocal solo.
beautiful Irena. love this girl from the bottom of
my heart.
Jess, Shary and I before service Wednesday night. how gorgeous
are they?
got to spend some time chilling with Angie after service on Wednesday.
so good to catch up with her and see the amazing things God is
doing in and through her. 
on Thursday, I officially became a Starbucks Gold Member.
I never thought that would happen.
some of my super awesome friends presenting their Kappa Tau
Short Sermons! so proud of you all!
something that happened this week was Greece was coming
up all over the place. we went to a gormet grilled cheese restaurant
(and it was delicious) and their menus were on old record cases. I
turned mine over and this was the back.
love this pretty lady
yay for valley forge friends!
Eddie and Sam make me laugh continuously. 
some of my South Dakota kids. they have such a special place in my heart.
if you don't have a friend like Eddie, I am sorry for you.
Mongolian Grill the last night we were in Columbus.
so delicious.
home sweet home

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