Friday, May 30, 2014

Fancy Fridays: Spring Fling

Hello Everyone! 

I've decided to start a new category for my blog! Starting today... every friday will be Fancy Fridays! I love getting dressed up and finding new styles and things on pinterest! Some Fridays will feature looks I pin and some days I'll throw in some of my own outfits! :) 

So... here is the first installment of Fancy Fridays

Enjoy a few of my favorites for spring! Maybe let one or two inspire you for your next event! 

I love this two tone blue dress!!!
Source: Pinterest (The link on the pin goes nowhere)

Super cute white tank with floral skirt! Love that necklace as well!
Source: Where to Get

I have been loving the stripes and solid combo lately! This is an adorable combination!
Source: Hazel and Olive

Very pretty summer dress with cute accessories!
Source: Bluetique Cheap Chic

I love this floral print with gold accessories! Wicked adorable. (Yes, I'm from New England)
Source: Pinterest (Blocked Link)

Hope you've enjoyed this first post in Fancy Fridays! Can't wait for next week! 

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