Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coconut Oil Moisture Treatment for Hair

This is pretty much another post for the ladies, but guys... if you have flowing locks... feel free to utilize this too :)

Okay! I am really starting to LOVE Coconut Oil! It has so many uses that I've read about, but I've gotten around to trying a few of them! I'm telling you, the stuff is glorious... (I'm almost out of it actually!) I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now and it's finally becoming healthy and starting to grow quicker but since I need it trimmed soon, it has just been feeling really dry lately so I set off it search of a remedy and found this one (HERE) and decided to try it! It was super easy! 

It's basically just a pre-wash moisture treatment. All you do is take your Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and grab a big scoop in your hand and work it through your hair.... its kinda messy! Make sure you saturate your whole head. Then take a clip or two (hair ties work as well) and clip your hair to your head. If you look at the original post, there are two ways of doing this, a heated way and non-heated way. I used the non-heated and it was fine. (Also, I did not use a shower cap) Let the oil sit in your hair for 30 minutes, then shower and shampoo and condition as normal. (I had to shampoo twice to get the oil all out). Style your hair as you normally do and then enjoy the softness of it! I don't even remember the last time my hair was SO soft!!! 

Invest in some Coconut Oil now, if you don't already have some! So many uses :) 

Enjoy your soft hair! :)

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