Monday, February 24, 2014

Coconut Oil Eye Make-Up Remover

I remembered a few nights ago (when I realized I forgot my eye makeup remover at home last weekend) that I had read somewhere that you can use Coconut Oil as an eye makeup remover. So I thought I would try it! 

Well, I have good news! I've been using it for a couple nights now and I must say it's the BEST eye makeup remover I've ever used! (And I've tried A LOT of them... Avon, Mary Kay, Neutrogena, Maybelline, etc...) Get a little on your finger, rub it on your eyelid and lashes, and wipe off with a wet paper towel. It's wonderful and it's all natural! :) Ladies, try this! :) 

I got mine at Marshall's for $4.99... by the way :) 

and now that my makeup is all removed from my eyes, I'm off to bed! Have a good night and be blessed! :) 

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