Friday, February 14, 2014

Life is Truly a Highway

I've decided to start this new little blog to kinda have somewhere to blurb out my thoughts once in a while. I may not even publish everything I write out... but I think it will be nice to have.

My first post is actually about the title of the blog. "Life is a Highway". 

Now, I know we probably all know the Rascal Flatts song that was featured in cars... and even if we may be ashamed of it, I'm sure we've all jammed out to it a time or two... but have you ever actually taken the time to sit and think about that phrase? No? Neither did I until it came to my head for a blog title. 

Life truly is a highway. Think about it. What do highways have? 

Highways have ups and downs. Hills and valleys. Much like life. 

We have to put our foot down on the gas a little harder to get up the hill when we're driving, but once we make it to the top, it's a feeling of relief. I remember this summer when I interned in South Dakota we were on our way across state on Route 90 to take the kids to summer camp and the church bus is OLD. There's one hill just past Chamberlain, SD that the bus has a hard time making it up... we have to put the flashers on and move slowly up the hill the whole time wondering if something is going to snap and the bus is going to break down. But it didn't, the bus made it up and over the hill and we all breathed a sigh of relief at that moment. When we're trying to get up a "hill" in our lives... when we're fighting that upwards battle... don't we get so worried and anxious sometimes that we're going to break down and go sliding back down that hill? But when we finally persevere enough and we make it to the top... to the plateau... isn't that the most relieving feeling?

On the other side of that, life has valleys (or downs). When we're driving and the road starts going downhill and the speed of the car keeps getting faster and faster what do we do? We hit the brakes... sometimes not so hard that we come to a screeching halt... but we ease on the them... to keep our car in control. Everyone will have a "downhill" time in their life. There is nothing wrong with that... there is nothing bad about that... but how do you handle it? Do you just let yourself keep speeding up and speeding up until you hit rock bottom and slam into something? Do you slam on the breaks and cause a pile up behind you? Or do you gently ease on the breaks and keep yourself under control and send a warning to those behind you that you're slowing down and everything is okay? 

What else is there about highways? Sometimes, there's a big open stretch of highway. Picture it. You're driving down the highway in the warm month of June, the sun is shining, the radio is up, there's only a couple other cars on the road... and everything is going great. We've all got those "open road" times that it feels like nothing can bring us down and life is going so wonderfully. Those are my favorite times.

Highways also have traffic. Have you ever come around a turn on the highway and had to slam on your breaks before rear ending the car in front of you because there's some sudden traffic? Let me tell you, being from New England... I have a small amount of patience when it comes to traffic on the roads. But I've learned something when it comes to traffic... it doesn't last forever. It may last longer than we would like it to... but eventually... the road clears. Something else I've learned about traffic is there is always a reason for it. Whether it's a small reason like a lane shift and people just don't know how to merge properly... or a bigger reason like a car wreck... there is always a reason. However, we don't always see that reason until when? Until we're through the traffic. Life is so similar. Sometimes everything is going fine then we round the turn and slam on our breaks to wait through a time of traffic, a time of difficulty. But much like the traffic on a highway... the traffic of life doesn't last forever... and there's always a reason for it. 

So make the most out of the highway in your life. Persevere up the hills, have control in the valleys, turn your music up on the open road, and have faith in the traffic.

This is why my blog is titled "Life is a Highway". Follow along with my as I travel my highway... enjoy my posts about life, love, beauty, food, and anything else that comes up along the way. I hope and pray that you are blessed by this blog.

Much Love, 
Kaycie Danielle

-Proverbs 19:21-

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