Friday, December 19, 2014

Fancy Fridays: Holiday Edition

Fancy Fridays is back! It's been a LONG time since I have done one of these posts, but I'm excited for another post! In this edition of Fancy Fridays, I'm going to show you some of my favorite finds for the holidays! Whether you have a work or family party, or you simply just feel like dressing up, I hope these simple and adorable outfits inspire you! Be prepared for a lot of red! 

The first of my adorable finds! I've actually sort of copied this outfit in my own wardrobe. Simple red dress with black tights and little booties! It's so adorable, simple, and fun! 

Source: Indulgy

This is probably my favorite out of the dresses in this post! I love the champagne and burgundy colors together and you could absolutely pair some excellent accessories with it! Also, take along a cardigan if you get chilly! 

Source: Lyst

(I tried to find a direct link to this exact dress, but Lyst apparently has a never-ending dress supply... so after scrolling for about 20 minutes, I gave up.)

This sparkly gold dress is a perfect alternative to the typical red dresses that you usually see around this time of year. I still love the pop of red in the shoe though! 

Source: Pinterest

More Red! Again, an adorable short sleeve that you could pair with black leggings or tights and a cute black cardigan. Throw on some gold accessories and you're set for a wonderful evening! 

One more red! I love when I find dresses that are actually on models! She looks great in this dress with a deep V and simple earrings and clutch. Soft curls go perfectly with this mini-cocktail dress! 

(The link goes to a blog... the author of that blog gives no credit to where the original outfit was found) 

Last but not least... black and gold! A simple combination and another great alternative to red! I love this outfit! Throw on a chunky necklace and simple cardigan and you're set! 

Source: Nordstrom

(Unfortunately, this dress is currently not available)

Well that's all from me today! I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Fancy Fridays! 
What do you think? What do you like to wear around the holidays?


  1. I love aaallll of these! They definitely capture the sparkle and color of the Christmas season :) Merry Christmas Kaycie!

    1. I'm glad you like them! Merry Christmas to you too, Natalie! :)