Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Roundup

Hello Everyone! I'm back to blogging today after a little break over Christmas! I'm going to try to do a couple of posts today because I actually have the time, but this first one is going to be a roundup of my Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, my whole family gets together at someone's house... this year we went to my aunt and uncle's in Connecticut. We all gathered around and ate Borscht (polish soup) and then we opened our presents! I truly love being around my family. Many laughs were shared and many memories
were made. Including painting my cousin Matthew's nails with glitter :)

As far as Christmas Eve presents go... I'm always so blessed. This was our second year pulling names for Christmas Eve presents instead of everyone getting everyone something. I pulled my sister's name and got her The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition, exactly what she wanted. My name was pulled by my cousin Matthew and he got me a pack of K-Cups filled with one of my favorite Starbucks Blends and a super nice travel coffee mug. My cousin Amber also got me K-Cups (Starbucks 2014 Fall Blend), I think my family understands that I really like coffee. All the other Christmas Eve Gifts were from my Nana and her Fiance' Bill... a new set of pajamas, some nice shirts, hair and body things (mousse, body wash, etc), and a new hair straightener... which really is a Christmas miracle because mine was on it's last leg and my new one is by a long shot the best one I've ever owned, they also gave me some money and a Target gift card. I know there was something else that I received from them and it's totally slipping my mind right now... I'll update this post when I remember. One other thing about Christmas Eve... The Saturday before, my cousin Amber and I went Christmas Shopping together and decided to get matching outfits for Christmas Eve. We had nearly everything the same even down to our shoes and earrings. It was so much fun and so exciting. Everyone's reactions were hysterical and actually, my uncle and little cousin were matching as well. I'm so glad that we did it. When we got home, my mom and dad gave us our annual Christmas Pajamas. This year they were a soft pink shirt with penguin pants! They were lovely :)

On Christmas Morning, we woke up late... since we're not little kids anymore we don't do the whole getting up at 6am to open presents thing. So we got up late and had some coffee, then very impatiently waited for my parents to be ready so we could open presents. Let me tell you... my parents did good this year :) First I'll round-up what I got my family and then I'll go through what they got me. I made my mom and dad hanging letters (K & S for Kris and Steve) for above their bed. I got my mom a candle from target (sugar blossom... smells AMAZING) and a Bubba mug for her coffee. I got my Dad a Boston Bruins shirt and Macadamia Nut Popcorn. For my sister, a picture frame that I painted a nice sister quote in, some earrings and a necklace, and a hand painted coffee mug. Finally, for my Nana, I did a painting for her and Bill, and got her a ring holder for her new engagement ring. I also made up baskets for my Nana and Mom filled with note pads, lotion, and chocolate. Now onto what I so wonderfully received:

Although this is one of the last things I opened, I'm putting it first in this post because it was the most meaningful. My parents got me a $100 Southwest Airlines Gift Card so that I can buy tickets sometime to go visit Asa (boyfriend) in Maryland. They also got me two movie tickets that I plan to use for a date night for Asa and I. My parents are so supportive of Asa and I's relationship and that fact and these gifts mean so incredibly much to me. I also got new canvas and paint pens, new boots, new moccasins, socks, more K-Cups (Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla this time), a couple new belts and a new gorgeous journal. The other couple big gifts were an Olaf (from frozen) stuffed animal and a Bose Bluetooth Speaker! I loved all of my gifts from my parents... they're wonderful people. My sister did good with her gifts for me too. She got me the book "Unstoppable" by Christine Caine, which I've been wanting to read for a while and she got me a new gorgeous watch! We also open presents from my family in the midwest on Christmas morning! From my grandparents I got a 2015 Red Sox Calendar (a tradition for them to get me) as well as a Target gift card. From the Thompson's (aunt, uncle, and cousins) I got some gloves, socks, hot chocolate, and another Target gift card. Finally from my Uncle Matthew, Aunt Molly, and baby Emma I got a handmade scarf (see picture below) and one final Target gift card. Overall, I got $125 in Target gift cards... my family knows me really well. To my family members who may be reading this, thank you so much for all the gifts! I love them all and truly appreciate them :) The rest of Christmas Day I just hung out with my family. We ate a huge meal, watched Frozen and then played pictionary. It was truly a marvelous and relaxing day. I love my family! :) 

That's the round up of my Christmas Festivities! 

What about you? What did you do and get for Christmas?

** Please enjoy some of these other pictures from the day. **

My new Bose Speaker
Nana's Fiance' Bill resting with Mia
My Christmas Selfie! (Note: New Scarf made by my Aunt Molly!)
Merry Christmas! 

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