Thursday, September 4, 2014


Well, I'm about a week and a half into my super senior year at VFCC... which by the way if you haven't heard... we are officially becoming The University of Valley Forge on September 16th! There is a buzz of excitement for the new transition about campus, good things are happening here my friends.... good things. 

As for me, moving back to Pennsylvania has been a much different experience this year. The purpose of this post is to update and explain some things. Bear with me. 


Classes are in full swing. Homework is starting to pick up, but its good because it keeps me busy. I'm loving all of my classes so far. I have all ministry and Bible classes this semester, which is my favorite because these kind of classes challenge me more than the others and they more fully prepare me for ministry. I'm working on getting back into the swing of doing homework and keeping myself motivated... it's working well so far. 


This has been the most challenging aspect of this year so far. Which if you know me, probably surprises you. A good chunk of my friends graduated in May and for some reason, I didn't make very many friends in the classes below me. Pretty much kicking myself for that now... I still have a few here, so I've been trying to spend time with them when I can. Otherwise, I've just been chilling in my room, working on homework, and watching some TV shows. I don't mind it usually, it's nice to have the peace and quiet. It's better than sitting in the anvil where people forget about indoor voices and I can hear them currently over my headphones and music. Also I'm currently being stared down for sitting in someones "spot". Oh well... it is what it is. This last weekend I escaped Maryland to see Asa for the weekend and we went to DC and got frozen yogurt and went to target too many times... getting away from campus and being able to relax and just have fun with him was extremely refreshing. I'm becoming more of an introvert I'm realizing... and I actually kind of like it. 


God is teaching me to lean on Him. I'm learning more so now than ever that He is my source of strength and hope. Through Him, I can do anything but without Him, I can do nothing. He keeps me going throughout the day and I'm learning to lean on Him in everything. Don't just rejoice when things are going well, yet rejoice always when things are good or bad. He is my rock and my salvation and through Him I am made whole. 

God is also my source of joy. He is so good and we have such a wonderful Savior in Him. He is so full of love and joy and it fills my heart with gladness. :)


In general, things are going well. I'm keeping my head high and trudging through. I have been getting a lot more sleep and keeping myself rested... so that's been good. I've been already working ahead in my work and starting on assignments. I'm glad to be here and I know that God has me here for a reason. 

So here's to senior year... may it continue to get better as it goes. :) 

Here's some pictures for you to enjoy :) 

My dorm room. it's so cozy.
Frozen yogurt is yummy!
The Capital. It was my first time. Lovely.
My favorite place in the city. the lawn by the Washington Monument
facing the Lincoln Memorial.
My best friend. 
Peach green tea lemonade. taste bud explosion. 
Beautiful sunset in Maryland
The lovely VFCC campus. soon to be University of Valley Forge


  1. Peach Green Tea Lemonades are my favorite! What type of ministry do you want to go into? That's so exciting!

    1. Leah, that was the first one I tried and I loved it!!! I am hoping to go into Youth Ministry :)

  2. hope you have a great super senior year! :) I know it can be tough to have a lot of your friends move away. Hopefully, you'll make new ones in no time. I feel like learning to lean on God is a continual learning process for me.