Sunday, July 20, 2014


go, go, go! that's how my life has been the last two weeks or so, which is my explanation for not blogging since July 3rd. Today I'm relaxing and catching up on my blogging, emails, social media, etc. I've been out of state for 13 out of the last 17 days in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, but my heart is so full. 

I spent the week of July 6th-11th up in Rumney, NH with about 250 high schoolers from around Southern New England. I was quite nervous going into the week, because I have never had a great experience at high school camps, but that quickly changed and the week shattered my expectations for the future. I recognized that the previous times I had endured high school camps, I was simply too young. It is difficult to lead a group of 18 year olds when you are only 18,19, or 20 yourself. Also, I got to lead a team of amazing high schoolers with three amazing people. Amanda, Matt, Kev... thank you for being so wonderful.

I came home Friday, wrote a book review, did laundry and went to bed. Saturday I re-packed and then Sunday the 13th along with my cousin Ryan, I headed back up to Rumney for round two of camp, this time with 150 junior highers. I love middle school camp, I always have. I was tired from the start but this week was the most fulfilling and fun week of my summer. I got to co-lead a team with one of my favorite people, Mr. Eddie Boyle, and we had an amazing group of kids. Our team came in 7th out of 8, but that wasn't what it was about for us. We had fun and we grew closer to God and to each other as a team. 

This year changed my view on high school camps forever and I had one of the best weeks ever and a huge thank you from my heart goes out to everyone who played a role in the changing of my heart. I've always loved junior high camps, and that didn't change last week. I am SO thankful, happy, and excited that I am called into youth ministry. It is seriously the most fun job in the world and I get to do it for the rest of my life. I am so blessed. Not to mention, it had been two years since I was in SNEMN for camps and I can't believe how much I truly missed it. My heart is in this district. Added bonus: seeing some of the most dear people to my heart for two weeks in a row. 

Yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of students at the beach in Rhode Island and I realized how true it is that youth ministry doesn't slow down. I also realized that I love the lifestyle that you have to live when you're in youth ministry and again I will mention that I am so blessed to be able to do it for the rest of my life. 

Here are some pictures from my journeys the last couple weeks! I am blessed. I am happy.

My dear Vanessa. This girl is so special to me and I am
so glad I got to spend two weeks in a row with her. 
First night of service at high school camp.

Some of my high school girls and my co-leader!
(L-R) Alyssa, Julie, Me, Amanda, Rachel, and MaryAlyce

The beautiful, talented, loving, and wonderful Amanda Souza.
 So blessed to have led a team with her.

Team Wildman. SNEMN High School Camp 2014
I love these faces.

Enjoyed watching some ultimate on the first night
back in Rumney last Sunday.

Vanessa got the ketchup corner because her girls
lost the flag. She took it like a champ.

Lake Day! Stinson Lake, NH

Seeing teenagers worship pierces my heart.

My goofball cousin Ryan. I am so proud of this guy.

My dauntless, energetic and amazing co-leader and
friend, Eddie. Even after a trip to the hospital on Tuesday this guy
still gave his all for the rest of the week. What a pro.

Misquamicut Beach, Westerly, RI. Spent yesterday here
with the youth group. Even though it was fairly gloomy,
we still had a blast and got some relaxation in.

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